Signs That You are a Pet Parent

Signs That You are a Pet Parent

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Are you a pet owner or a pet parent? What is the difference you may ask? If you have to ask than you are a pet owner. If you were a pet parent you would not have to ask because you would just know. For example, if you treat your pet the same way that you would treat a human baby than you are a pet parent. If you have a pet but don’t think about them that much because they are someone else’s responsibility, then you are a pet owner. According to a pet article, some of the hilarious signs that you are a pet parent include: your pet comes before anyone (even your spouse), you treat your pet like you would your children (making things fair and even for all your pets), you give your pet most of the bed (even if that means your spouse has to take the sofa), you plan your day around your pet, your pets get the best seats in the house, you don’t have too many rules that your pets have to follow, you talk to your pet like you would a therapist, pet hair on your clothing does not bother you, you feel bad when you have to go out and leave them, and you will do whatever it takes to guarantee their happiness. Want to be an even better pet parent? Be sure you are giving your pet the very best when you: taking them to the vet regularly, be sure they are getting groomed and fed properly, respect their need for twenty plus hours of sleep, be sure there is a balance between exercise and eating, and give them plenty of love and snuggles.

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