4 Online Marketing Trends For 2017

Perhaps you already have though to be exemplary marketing plan for 2017, and you might even have worked through every detail. But the problem is this: if you do not predict the audience on the Internet, then it is worthless in creating such a strategy, it is very easy to focus on the simple extension of what is already working, and do not pay due attention to the study of new channels and future technology trends.

Marketers seeking to be at the forefront of progress and must always follow the latest trends. And so the below information will be extremely useful to you. What will be the Internet audience in 2017? The analysis forecasts the lists for 2017, relating to Internet marketing and advertising gives 5 new ideas:


Brands will buy media companies to satisfy their needs for content marketing

We all recognize the content-marketing – the main and most reliable channel of communication of companies is with consumers. What does this mean in the context of the forecasts for 2017?

“In 2015 we will see an increased interest in buying major brands of media – corporations will throw money and strive as soon as possible to attract a loyal audience.”

“Large-scale campaign can simply buy an advanced platform content, while small, lacking technology and human resources, will be in full” flight “.”


Brands will expand its cooperation with well-known content creators

 There are several predictions based on statistics of the Internet audience, according to which in 2017 the popularity of video marketing as a promotional channel will reach unprecedented proportions.

Brands finally recognize YouTube as a major platform. You want to reach out to teenagers? Create a high-performance content with the YouTube; It is the most important and most obvious opportunity that the big brands are missing today. ”

All of us have long been known about the effectiveness of personal authority in marketing, but apparently, in 2017 we will see examples of a far more sophisticated and creative cooperation – Audience numbers online celebrities have to compete with pop stars, and marketers are beginning to realize, how powerful a marketing tool it can be.


Tools of personalization and recommendations for content marketing will become more popular

Business, the essence of which is to find ways of providing content to users, is still at an early stage of its development. Author list forecasts, published on the website indicates that such technology has long been used by Internet shops, but newer tools allow you to use advanced features personalization and retargeting a wider range of companies, including B2B.

It is easy to imagine how you can combine Google Glass or iBeacon and give professionals a content marketing opportunity to convey information to users at the right time. Perhaps the Internet audience research will lead to the fact that in addition to messages about discounts and special promotions, we will also send a video or an article related to what we are doing or where we are at any given moment.


New marketing channels

Throughout 2016 marketers wondered about how wearable technology or Soup (e.g., Smart Watch or Google Glass devices) will change the advertising industry. Since these gadgets sharpened by collecting information about users (to improve the user experience and provide more personalized information), markets and advertisers see this as a huge opportunity.

Perhaps this coming year will be a point when all our fantasies about marketing using wearable technology will become a reality. It is believed that by the end of 2017. “Wearable technology will become so widespread that we will see the first examples of use in marketing.”



Today, consumers every day surrounded by an incredible amount of advertising on a variety of brands, which means that the creation of a unique, exciting user experience is the key to draw attention to a particular offe and convert users and Internet audience into profit.

One of the best ways to get ahead – be a pioneer in the application of the latest technologies and tactics. So take some time to study the online marketing certification in 2017 and think about how to address these trends in your strategy for the coming year.



Know How To Enhance Social Media Presence

We research about what and how social networks works, how to use the content to increase the number of subscribers, and most importantly, learn how to create unique content. Before you get started in social networks, decide who your target audience is and what type of social network is preferred (look similar groups on your topic). Learn more about choosing target audiences, Here is some suggestions:

Free Websites Which are Social Networks Solve Several Problems at Once:

  • Getting feedback;
  • PR (advertising fund and dissemination of information);
  • Engaging in dialogue with the target audience;
  • Improving awareness, trust, and reputation;
  • Fundraising;
  • Involvement of volunteers;
  • Demonstration of expert opinion

Now a days there is various Online Free Social Media Marketing Course that offers a variety of format, how to convey information to the reader: text, video, graphics and audio. Depending on what goals the organization has, you choose the preferred format and content type.

What are The Types of Content?

  • Information posts (fund information, the founders, the media persons that support fund) – 35%;
  • Informative & educational (expert opinion on the issue, brochures, info graphics) – 40%
  • Entertainment (inspirational stories, viral content) – 15%;
  • Interactive and UGC (from the English user-generated content, i.e. (user-generated content – 10%). You can write about the life of the organization, reports on visits or impressions volunteers.

Quality content increases blog audience coverage and increases the amount that you require for social actions (for example, the collection of donations for medical treatment). Also do not forget that an active presence in social networks increases the degree of confidence in you from the media. To compile content strategy you need to make a list of columns and select the frequency of posts.

How to Choose a Time for Fasting?

For each audience is their “best time” to accommodate posts. See presence in all social networks is considered to be from 19 to 22 pm, when everyone returns home from work. On Monday and Tuesday, people are not very active; it would be preferable to place these days’ informational posts. For competitions and other activities optimally choose Wednesday or Thursday. Friday – day entertainment blog.

Gradually develop one or two social networking sites. This is better than to join in all services and stop a couple of months to lead them.

Social media communication concept
Start with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The others are difficult to do but it is possible to carry out interesting contests among subscribers. In a lively twitter news flow and the need to keep the rhythm of the network.

Useful tools for conducting social networks

On Facebook there is a tool, “Interests”, through which you can create a separate RSS feed of interest to you pages.

One of the most popular services for data collection and storage of notes called the EverNote. EverNote can be used as a standalone program and as a mobile application (there is synchronization with all devices).