Social Media Marketing through Social Bookmarking


Website promotion via social bookmarking – another modern method of social promotion of sites (the SMM). Thanks to social bookmarking, it increases the speed of indexing site, site traffic, which ultimately affects the efficiency and profitability of the site.


Site Promotion by publishing in the social bookmarking has several advantages. For example, social bookmarking today is one of the most visited and popular in the social services of Internet users.


Social bookmarking is, in fact, is an analogue of the usual Internet bookmarks in the browser (for example, “Favorites” in Google Crome or the “Bookmarks” in Mozilla Firefox), only the information about the chosen site is not stored on the user’s local computer and on the server which is service. There are two main objectives of the existence of social bookmarking.


Firstly, social bookmarking allows users to quickly and easily share links with each other on a variety of sites. Users can also evaluate the sites, allowing the rest is particularly interesting and useful sites and do not waste your time on boring and useless resources.


Secondly, social bookmarking allows you to access your list of favorite files from any computer connected to the Internet. This means that even away from home and a personal computer, any user can by visiting the social bookmarking service, go to your favorite sites without the expense of time and effort.


Why site promotion through social bookmarking is should be included in the overall set of measures for promotion and advancement of sites? The answer is simple – social bookmarking sites often visited by Internet users and search engines. Placing links to the site to social bookmarking helps users to observe the site and search engines – will index the site.


This link leading to a site with social bookmarking, recently valued by search engines is low enough, so do not expect to maximize performance. You should use other methods of promotion to achieve these goals.


Website promotion through social bookmarking has several nuances. So, it is not recommended to place at once a large number of links to your site, especially on behalf of a single user. This can cause damage to the site because search engines will perceive such actions as spam.


Add to social bookmarks, you can link to any page of the site, you can write yourself a suitable description for the site, key words (tags). Promotion in social bookmarking sites are often automated with the help of special programs. These programs allow you to create once the description of the site and other necessary information to create a bookmark, and then automatically use the data multiple times.


Site Promotion in Social Bookmarking and quality web analytics course is good, but not exhaustive way of promotion of sites on the Internet. Our SEO-experts trained in modern techniques of promotion, have enormous practical experience in the field of promotion of sites. This allows us to carry out promotion of sites efficiently, quickly, at reasonable prices.

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